Get ready to snag some epic deals on games for kids while you check a few holiday shopping tasks off your list! SimplyFun’s annual sale is here but hurry, these deals on games won’t last long!

Between November 7th and 14th, take advantage of deals on games up to 44% off! From memory-building Buddy Hop to spatial reasoning Ice Tumble, there’s a game for every age and stage on your list. Check out these great deals and shop early before they’re gone!

SimplyFun games on sale ages 3-5

Games on Sale: Ages 3-5

  • Animal Snacks, age 3+, $20 (29% off! Regularly $28): This preschool matching game develops early childhood social skills like matching and taking turns. Plus, it features cute wooden board game animals!
  • Bubbles and Puddles, age 3+, $15 (38% off! Regularly $24): Let’s count rubber ducks with this preschool math game! An adorable early childhood education game for counting, taking turns, and social skills.
  • Buddy Hop, age 4+, $25 (22% off! Regularly $32): This indoor or outdoor active preschool game is both a gross motor skills game and a memory game. Great for early childhood development and sequencing skills!
  • Fruit Flies, age 5+, $9 (35% off! Regularly $14): Test your memory and quick thinking in this matching game! A fun brain teaser card game where players match the elements on their cards from memory.
SimplyFun games on sale ages 6-7

Games on Sale: Ages 6-7

  • Cross Lanes, age 6+, $10 (29% off! Regularly $14): What do you get when you mix bowling and card games? Cross Lanes, the planning and number sequencing game!
  • To The Coop!, age 6+, $18 (44% off! Regularly $32): Flick the baby chicks To The Coop! Learn early physics while building eye-hand coordination & fine motor skills. A fun early physics math game for ages 6 and up.
  • Ice Tumble, age 7+, $28 (22% off! Regularly $36): Play this award-winning stacking game at your next family game night! This STEM brain game is the perfect strategy game focusing on geometry and physics. 
SimplyFun games on sale ages 8-9

Games on Sale: Ages 8-9

  • Ancient Finds, age 8+, $25 (26% off! Regularly $34): Explore ancient archeology sites in this addition board game perfect for 3rd-grade math. Use strategy and counting in 100s to collect cool ancient treasures.
  • Eat & Tweat, age 8+, $20 (40% off! Regularly $34): Test your resource management and prioritization skills while you help your birdies fly home! Eat & Tweat is a life skills board game for kids ages 8 & up.
  • Perspectives, age 8+, $18 (36% off! Regularly $28): Create patterns and practice spatial reasoning in Perspectives, a math game for mid-elementary students.
SimplyFun games on sale ages 8-9
  • Qrazy Quandaries, age 8+, $10 (33% off! Regularly $15): Get to know each other with 125 crazy ‘this or that’ icebreaker questions in Qrazy Quandaries! A family-fun icebreaker card game for kids and adults alike!
  • Quartile, age 8+, $25 (38% off! Regularly $40): Calling all math lovers! Practice addition, spatial reasoning, strategy, and logic in this dominos-style game.
SimplyFun games on sale ages 10 and up

Games on Sale: Ages 10+

  • High Tail It!, age 10+, $23 (32% off! Regularly $34): Race your kangaroos around the outback in the STEM & math game, High Tail It! Use strategy to be the first to hop around the checkers-style board game to win!
  • Zone to Zone, age 12+, $35 (22% off! Regularly $45): Roll the dice and move across the wooden gameboard while blocking your opponent in this checkers-style strategy game. A tabletop game favorite!