Turn on the fun with the best family-friendly games for groups! When the house is filled with family and friends, there’s no better way to pass the time (and bypass the screens) than with a game the whole crew will enjoy! Playing games as a family encourages togetherness and laughter, and even discovering something you didn’t know about one another! Here are some of the best family-friendly games perfect for group play.

Get-To-Know-You Games

Eye to Eye

A classic category matching game for three or more players that tests your social awareness and encourages creative thinking. Ice-cream brands? Things that squeak? Write down three answers from the category card and see how well you know the other players. Be the player to see “Eye to Eye” the most to win!

Take Your Pick

An all-purpose icebreaker or get-to-know-you game! Early or late? Serious or silly? Which options will the other players choose to describe themselves? Match their pick in this fun way to keep the group talking, laughing, and learning about each other. Already own Take Your Pick? Awesome! There are several games in this game family, so pick up the sequel, Take Your Pick II, or for a new twist, try Take Your Pick: Qrazy Quandaries.


The ‘getting acquainted’ game for large groups! Find out more about yourself and those around you by guessing how others think you will rank various activities, values, and traits in this game that helps build social relationships. A great game to engage your teens, too!

Balance and Building Games

Feats of Cheese

Help families of mice compete for cheese by building towers stacked with wedges of cheese and mice! Physics and fine motor skills are put to the test in this game as players choose moves that make the towers either more or less stable, depending on the strategy. It takes a careful hand and an eye for balance to accomplish this feat!

Ice Tumble

In this Jenga-style game, players determine how and where to place their blocks on the sculpture so they won’t tumble off. The blocks are slippery, so be careful or the sculpture may come tumbling down! The first player to successfully place all their ice blocks and their fox pawn on the sculpture wins the game!


An irresistible game and hilarious family fun! Kilter also happens to be an introduction to levers and predicting outcomes. Players use their judgement (and patience) to make the most of each turn. But shhh, don’t let them know they’re learning!

Games for Acting Out (In a Good Way!)

Do It Again!

A game where players memorize a series of movements and act them out in the correct order. Stay in the game by using your memory skills to repeat the existing action sequence before performing the action on the card. Make a mistake, and you are out!


The crazy, loud, more-fun-than-you’ve-ever-had hoot of a charades game! Kahootz! is great fun for a group of any size…depending on the size of your living room of course. There are over 380 cards with 760 different actions in this game, plus five fun game activities, each pitting one team against another. Your quest is to guess the correct answer to the selected charade in a race against the sands of time!

The Reel Script

Pack your bags, we’re going to Hollywood! In the Reel Script, players create their own screenplay by bidding on lines for a movie, forming them into scripts, and then pitching them to other players in hopes of being voted ‘the real script.’ Creativity and imagination are a must for this game!