The change in season brings cooler weather, hues of orange and yellow, pumpkins, spooky celebrations, and better yet, cozying up with friends for gameplay! Looking for some fun and festive games to play this month? Here’s a spook-tacular selection of games to bring families together and keep little (and big) kids entertained.

Phantom Seas game by SimplyFun

Learn Navigation while Collecting Buried Treasure

Ships, sea, and buried treasure! In Phantom Seas, players take turns selecting navigation cards with compass instructions to direct their ships toward scattered treasure. The player with the largest bounty at the end of the game wins!

2-4 players • 30 min • 8 & up

Skills Focus: Directional Awareness, Navigation

Amalgam game by SimplyFun

Use Memory and Strategy to Create Potent Potions

Fire burn and cauldron bubble! Play Amalgam and work to fill your cauldrons with a mixture of ingredients to create the most potent potions! Tap into your memory skills to collect as many of the same type of ingredient cards for the strongest result.

2-4 players • 30 min • 10 & up

Skills Focus: Strategy, Planning

Crystal Cup Rally by SimplyFun

Practice Decision Making while Racing Around the Track

Catch me if you can! Use your decision-making and adaptability skills in Crystal Cup Rally to get ahead. Try not to let course changes or conditions slow you down. Be the first racer to complete two laps around the track to win the Crystal Cup Trophy!

2-5 players • 30 min • 7 & up

Skills Focus: Decision Making, Adaptability

Aargh! game by SimplyFun

Go for the Gold while using Memory Skills

Yo ho ho and a box of fun! Use your memory skills in Aargh! to match treasure and go for the gold! Watch out for Squawk the parrot or your precious gold may get taken away. The pirate with the most treasure wins!

2-4 players • 20 min • 3 & up

Skills Focus: Concentration, Memory

My Mine game by SimplyFun

Claim Golden Nuggets using Probability and Predicting

Claim your riches in My Mine! This game encourages analytical thinking skills and advanced math skills. Furthermore, patience and strategy are built through decision-making and social interactivity. Players take turns rolling the dice and deciding whether to temp fate and keep rolling, or collect the gold that’s due to them at that moment.

2-6 players • 20 min • 6 & up

Skills Focus: Probability, Predicting