Let’s face it; kids love a good party! Fun games, friends, birthday cake, gifts, and whimsical decor! What’s not to love? Planning a kid’s birthday party can feel a little daunting to the parent who wants to host an epic kids’ party that is well orchestrated and unique. So how do you create a kids’ birthday party theme your kids will never forget? Make it an immersive experience with games that tie into the party’s theme! Ready to plan the best kids’ party this year? Then read on for 12 kids’ birthday party themes and the games to play!

Kids’ Birthday Party Entertainment

Grab a few sets of the same or several different games and break the kids into groups according to the suggested players’ on the game box. Make it fun by letting players name their group. 

*Parent Tip: Have a few parents float around the room if kids need help with the game or have questions.

Game Prizes for the winners: After a few game rounds, announce the winner per group and offer a prize to the winner of each group! 

12 Fun Kids’ Birthday Party Themes with Games

Pirate-Theme Party

Kids Birthday Party Themes - Kids pirate birthday party theme

Aargh! Board Game: Go for the gold in this game of treasure matching using your memory skills. But watch out for Squawk the parrot or your precious gold will get taken away. The pirate with the most treasure wins! 2-4 players • 20 min • 3 & up

Medieval-Theme Party

Climbing Knights 3D board game for kids

Dreaming Dragon: Some sneaky lizards have found their way into a dragon’s nest. Use your steady hand to help them escape without breaking the eggs or waking the dragon! 2-4 players • 30 min • 6 & up.

The Climbing Knights: To win the King’s tournament, you must be the fastest knight to climb the castle. But watch out! The guards are watching to stop your progress, so you must be strategic in how you move up the castle wall. The first knight to reach the top twice and retrieve their coat of arms wins the title of King’s Climber. 2-4 players • 30 min • 8 & up

Race Car-Theme Party

Crystal Cup Rally- Educational race car board game

Crystal Cup Rally: This three-dimensional game will have players practicing their planning skills and adapting to new conditions. Race around the track planning which paths to take in order to get ahead. Be the first racer to complete two laps around the track and win the Crystal Cup Trophy! 2-5 players • 30 min • 7 & up

Garden-Theme Party

Kids Birthday Party Themes - Diggers Garden Match- Garden theme game

Digger’s Garden Match: Learn colors, shapes and counting up to 50 while you see how many sides you can match. Great for developing spatial reasoning at any age. 1-6 players • 15 min • 4 & up

Halloween-Theme Party

girls playing mirror mansion board game

Mirror Mansion: Learn the basics in the geometrics of reflection with this one-of-a-kind game. Use your mirrors to explore every nook and cranny of the Mirror Mansion to find the hidden treasures. 2-4 players • 30 min • 8 & up.

Chess on the Loose: This monstrous twist on traditional chess will test your ability to strategize and make winning decisions. Three variations of the game bump up the fun factor on basic chess. Comes with a full chess set and additional cards and tokens. 2 players • 45 min • 8 & up

My Monster: Colorful hearts, circles, and triangles galore! Use your skills of touch to determine which of the hiding shapes will complete your friendly monster. 2-4 players • 15 min • 5 & up

Beach-Theme Party

Early Childhood Education game with underwater theme

Shelly’s Pearl: Swim the shimmering sea and trade colorful shells to achieve goals in SimplyFun’s NEWEST game, Shelly’s Pearl! In Shelly’s Pearl, players use teamwork to help their dive team swim around the board game and collect colorful shells to trade with Shelly the octopus. A fun game for early learners! Shelly’s personal pronouns are they/them, which is not part of game play but provides the opportunity to discuss pronouns if desired. 2-4 players • 10 min • 4 & up.

Shore Seekers: Help sea turtles nest their precious eggs around the island in this addition and early multiplication game. 2-7 players • 30 min • 7 & up.

Isle of Coconuts: Your team of monkeys want to take control of the delicious coconuts! Roll the dice and use simple addition and strategic thinking to place your individual monkeys wisely on the trees. 2-4 players • 20 min • 8 & up.

Dinosaur-Theme Party

Dinosaur fun facts strategy game for kids- Dinosaur Challenge

Dinosaur Challenge: Which dinosaur do you think can best overcome dangerous events and natural disasters? Choose the dinosaur with the correct traits to beat out the other dinosaurs and win the most challenges. 2-4 players • 15-20 min • 7 & up.

Diner-Theme Party

Diner themed- Party Game

Dish ’em Out: Rival diner owners hustle to seat and serve the morning rush of hungry customers that have arrived for breakfast! Players receive points for each successfully completed order and lose points for wasted food, incomplete, or incorrect orders. 2-5 players • 30 min • 8 & up.

Camping-Theme Party

Kids Birthday Party Themes - Camping themed game for kids

Glow Spotters: Help the Glow Spotters Troop count fireflies to earn Firefly badges in this early math game. 1-4 players • 20 min • 5 & up

Pack It: Flex your prediction, planning, and strategy skills to pack your backpack, keep precious supplies and stay on the hiking trail. 2-5 players • 30 min • 8 & up.

Kayak Chaos: Play cards from your hand to paddle down the river or change the river’s flow. Draw new river tiles to continue the race. Make it to the finish line first to win! 2-4 players • 30 min • 8 & up.

Carnival-Theme Party

Carnival theme party game- Handy

Handy: Work together as a team and build your fine motor skills in this five-fingered frenzy. It’s “hands-on” fun. 3-6 players • 30 min • 8 & up

Water Balloons: Water fight! Play your battle tiles wisely to soak your opponent by throwing a balloon or bucket of water. To win the game, you want to stay dry, so elements of focus and planning on your part are essential. 2-6 players • 10 min • 7 & up

Pickles’ Slide to Win: How do you win? Sliding, of course! Practice eye-hand coordination to slide accurately, because where you land determines what you win. 2-4 players • 10 min • 4 & up

Outer-Space Theme Party

Planet Voyagers space game for kids

Planet Voyagers: Journey through space visiting our planets and learning amazing facts about our solar system in this fun strategy game! 2-5 players • 30 min • 8 & up!

Space It!: Practice number patterns and skip sequencing, a preliminary step toward algebra and advanced mathematics. 2-5 players • 20 min • 8 & up.

Star Gazer: Exercise strategy and spatial reasoning to be the best stargazer in the galaxy as you add, remove, and swap star tokens to create stellar patterns. 2-4 players • 30 min • 10 & up.

Safari-Theme Party

Kids Birthday Party Themes - Safari theme birthday party- SavannaScapes

SavannaScapes: Learn about the Serengeti-Mara Ecosystem with its amazing diversity of animal life in this fun ecology game where players build ecosystems. 2-5 players • 30 min • 7 & up.

If you are going to plan a kids’ birthday party, why not make it fun AND educational with game activities that fit your party theme? Plus, games help keep kids entertained while developing team-player skills like taking turns and sportsmanship. 

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