Ready to rock middle school? As your child’s workload increases and they grow more independent, let gameplay strengthen cognitive skills while keeping them entertained! Not to mention, playing board games is one of the best ways for families to spend quality, screen-free time together. Make game night an educational and fun experience with these best back-to-school games for middle schoolers.


2-6 players • 40 min • 12 & up

Skills Focus: Vocabulary, Sequencing, Planning

Bid a letter for the timing of your turn and a chance to add to a word chain. As one of SimplyFun’s best games for middle schoolers, Bid-A-Letter helps keep reading skills fresh while challenging knowledge of word composition and spelling. As each player adds letters, words change. Put your planning and sequencing skills to work as you bid wisely to be the first player to place all your tiles and win the game!

Global Ranking

1-6 players • 15 min • 10 & up

Skills Focus: Geography Facts, Demographic Information, Comparing

Get ready to conquer middle school geography class with Global Ranking! Tap into your knowledge of geography and worldwide demographics to predict how countries stack up against each other across 10 different categories. Practice your knowledge of country locations while also helping to understand key demographics of the countries like GDP per capita, population, and life expectancy.

Nite Lights

2-4 players • 45 min • 10 & up

Skills Focus: Spatial Reasoning, Strategy

While fireworks are a fond summer memory by now, middle school-aged kiddos can still put on a dazzling fireworks display with Nite Lights! This game is great for 6th and 7th graders and helps develop spatial reasoning skills as players analyze color patterns on the board while simultaneously building strategy skills by trying to match patterns on their cards or obstruct an opponent’s match. The first player to send all six of their Show Blocks into the night sky wins!

Shape Whiz

2-4 players • 15 min • 10 & up

Skills Focus: Geometry, Measurement

Middle school math-lovers will love Shape Whiz! In this game, players receive a geometry clue and question, and then try to be the fastest player to find the correctly shaped card from their shape card stack. Everyone must agree the shape is a match or flip the card to check the facts. Shape Whiz is so fun, players won’t even realize they’re learning all about geometry!