August marks the last month of summer break before it’s back-to-school time for the kids! Although a bittersweet time as we savor the last of summer, August is also a great month to incorporate back-to-school activities that are fun to play but also help transition kids back into a school setting.

Why do Kids Need a Transition Period Before Going Back-to-School?

If summer were a person, it would be the laid-back, cool aunt that lets kids stay up past dark, sleep in late, and enjoy unstructured play with endless screen-time. While flexible and unstructured summer activities are essential for children, a transitional plan helps them re-engage with structured learning for emotional, social, and academic back-to-school success.

How to Transition Kids Back into the Classroom this Month

Start with a plan. We’ve made it easy with this free downloadable Daily Schedule. Simply download the planner and use it to schedule learning activities this month!

Back-to-School Activities downloadables

Explore the Outside World for Social Science

Summer is a wonderful time to explore the outside world. Children love learning about plants and animals, so why not engage their curiosity with a few natural science activities this summer?

Try This:

Head to a zoo or animal sanctuary and log the names and origins of animals you see into an animal study journal. Discuss with your children what the different species eat, when they sleep, and how they survive in the wild.

*Gameschool Tip:

For an in-depth look into ecosystems, check out our board game SavannaScapes and learn to build an ecosystem together.

Tell Stories Under the Stars for Reading and Language Arts

Summer is all about camping, sticky smores, and storytelling with friends. Gather kindling, graham crackers, flashlights and your best campfire stories as a way to incorporate language arts, stimulate imagination as well as practice vocabulary.

Back-to-School Activities downloadables

Try this: Set up a backyard campsite and play a storytelling game! Each player gets a piece of paper and pencil, writes a spooky short story, and shares it with the group. Vote for the winning scary script!

*Gameschool Tip:

Pick up a copy of our silly sentence game—Clover Leap or Pickles’ Pig Tales for a storytelling game that challenges players’ memory!

Sew, Bake or Build Something Using Math Skills

Makers use concentration, strategy, and measurements to create art, crafts, baked goods, objects and more!

Try this: 

 Bake a pie to learn volumes or build a birdhouse to practice measuring.

*Gameschool Tip: A fun way to teach children about U.S. standard volume and length as well as metric length is with SimplyFun’s Top The Stack game.

Gamify History

Refresh their learning but make it fun by using pictures, music, or acting to keep the trivia game exciting!

Try this: 

Jot down some simple trivia questions that feature historical facts your kids learned the previous year. Take turns asking and answering questions. Add contestant prizes for the trivia winners!

*Gameschool Tip: For a fun game, try Eagle Chase for a road trippin’ introduction to U.S. Historical Facts!

Track Your Learning Through Play with Our Play Tracker

*Parent Hack: Download our free Play Tracker that features 31 SimplyFun characters that children can color on each day they finish an activity. It’s like an advent calendar but with coloring!

Back-to-School Activities downloadables

Learning During Summer Break Doesn’t Have to Feel like a Chore

With FUN back-to-school activities, learning can be an exciting way for children to interact with their friends and family.

*Parent Tip: try incorporating your children’s upcoming school subjects into gameplay which will give them a head-start on their courses while they play their way through summer! Need some additional suggestions for back-to-school games? Read more about how play supports back-to-school success.