Ready to word game with friends offline? This two-person card game will be your next one-on-one card game favorite to play anytime, anywhere.

Ahhhh yes….Summer is in the air, which means the outdoors have become our playground! If you are gleefully filling your social calendar with seaside picnics with your bestie, date night bonfires, or playdates with the kiddos, you’ll want to stash this word game in your bag!

How to Play

Chalk-A-Word is an interactive word game where players add letter cards to build off of words created by their opponents. 

Let’s chalk up an example! Let’s say, the first player lays down C, A, & T cards. After observing your letter cards, you decide to play a T, L and E to spell Cattle. The best part? In addition to earning points for the cards you played, points are earned for the completed word “Cattle,” bringing you up to six points! The player with the most points at the end of the game is crowned the Chalk-A-Word winner!

2 person card game - Chalk-A-Word- Two Person Card Game-Word Game

Why it’s perfect as a two person card game or for up to five players:

Play Chalk-A-Word when you want a two person card game and one-on-one time with a close pal. Or, if you have a gathering on the books, you’ll also find Chalk-A-Word to be the perfect party game for up to five players!

It’s adaptable

Chalk-A-Word is an excellent alternative to app word games while encouraging social interaction and minimizing screen time! While it’s a simple game to grasp for players ages 8 & up, it’s also adaptable to varying levels of vocabulary skills, making it an ideal game for play dates or with your adult pals on game night! 

No internet connection required

No Wifi, 3G or app necessary. Simply unplug and play Chalk-A-Word in real-time with 2-5 players! Perfect for game night, BBQ’s, picnics, patio happy hour, road trips, or a day at the beach!

It’s super fun to play

A fun assortment of Power Cards featured in the game helps players double down on strategy, making Chalk-A-Word a unique vocabulary game for the whole family! 

It’s easy to learn

Chalk-A-Word is a simple word game that anyone can pick up and play, yet “sky’s the limit” on the skill level of the words played. Play Chalk-A-Word with your kiddos, wordsmith colleagues, or an elder for a fun memory game that helps strengthen cognitive function.

It’s a compact and portable card game

This game is simple to learn and can be played in as little as 30 minutes with 2-5 players. You can play it anywhere, even while traveling. It’s also great for practicing social skills or for a one-on-one playdate, date night, or homeschooling on the go!

The artwork is ahh-mazingly clever

The vibrant chalkboard lettering on the cards features clues to words that can be played with each letter card, adding a unique element to the game.

Your summer-self is calling…

What better way to engage one-on-one or in a group than with a portable card game you can tuck into a beach bag or travel tote for gaming on the go! Social play with word games, like Chalk-A-Word also strengthens memory, spelling, and vocabulary skills. Social engagement IRL is also essential for our mental health and aids in keeping our brains sharp too! So gather a pal or two and chalk up some summer fun. Anytime, anywhere with portable games like Chalk-A-Word. Ready? Game on!