Happy Birthday SimplyFun!

Happy birthday to…YOU! We’re celebrating our birthday this year with a birthday BLOW OUT SALE! It’s our biggest sale of the year with select games offered at 30-40% off retail. Shop between July 15th – 25th to get our deepest discounts and stock up on FUN!

Birthday Sale Games: Ages 3-7

Tibbar’s Tangrams

Ages 3+, sale price $20 (regularly $28) 

A great way to practice geometry and creativity. This game includes two floor–size sets of tangrams and a 32-page puzzle booklet with 80 suggested puzzles to complete.

Skills Focus: Shapes, Spatial Reasoning.

Tibbar’s Big Box of Words

Ages 4+, sale price $24 (regularly $34) 

Grow your child’s vocabulary over time with three skill levels. Includes 10 double–sided spelling cards with six words each plus 10 letter cubes.

Skills Focus: Vocabulary, Early Reading, Spelling.

Cow Cents

Ages 6+, sale price $22 (regularly $32) 

Learn about counting change through basic math skills to reach specific goals…all while trying not to lose your Cow Cents!

Skills Focus: Money, Addition, Subtraction.

Top the Stack

Ages 7+, sale price $18 (regularly $26)

Test your measurement knowledge while racing your opponent’s quickly yet carefully as you all build stacks from the smallest to the largest measurement at the same time.

Skills Focus: Measurement, Focus & Self Control.

Birthday Sale Games: Ages 8-12


Ages 8+, sale price $23 (regularly $38)

See if your food knowledge of portion sizes, vitamins, fats, and carbohydrates measures up.

Skills Focus: Food Facts, Nutrition & Health.


Ages 8+, sale price $23 (regularly $38)

Use number cards to determine placement of your color markers to take control or block others from getting four in a row. A great math–based strategy game that tests players at all levels!

Skills Focus: Addition, Planning, Strategy.

Space It!

Ages 8+, sale price $20 (regularly $28) 

Practice number patterns and skip sequencing, a preliminary step toward algebra and advanced mathematics.

Skills Focus: Sequencing.

The Reel Script

Ages 8+, sale price $23 (regularly $36)

Be a screenwriter and create an amazing storyline. Creativity and imagination are used to put all the parts together to create what may be voted “the real script” by other players.

Skills Focus: Communication, Sequencing, Planning.


Ages 12+, sale price $23 (regularly $36)  

Bid a letter for the timing of your turn and a chance to add to a word chain! As each player adds letters, words change. Therefore, put your planning and sequencing skills to work as you bid wisely to be the first player to place all your tiles and win the game.

Skills Focus: Vocabulary, Sequencing, Planning.

Heard the News

Ages 12+, sale price $23 (regularly $36)  

Explore the world of economics. Make strategic investment decisions based on political and industry reports that change the relationships and opportunities for success for each company.

Skills Focus: Strategy, Economics.