Homeschooling a high schooler can seem overwhelming when considering the complexity of the curriculum. One way to support your high school student’s academic development is with educational games! Why incorporate games into your teen’s homeschool curriculum? According to an ethnographic study, Harvard Researcher Sarah Fine claims “Intellectual Playfulness” is the missing element in High School education.

This might explain why in a survey of 21,678 U.S. high school students, 3/4 reported feeling bored in their classes. Giving high school students an opportunity to play through complex subjects may help improve student engagement. Or perhaps, incorporating areas of interest can vastly improve a student’s learning experience. 

Furthermore, educational play also strengthens creative problem-solving skills. Why is creative problem-solving so important? According to Forbes Magazine, creativity is the number one soft skill employers seek in the talent pool. Therefore, creative-thinking and problem-solving will offer your teen a competitive advantage in the future job market.

We’ve narrowed down 10 educational games to support homeschooling a high schooler. Ready? Game on!

Build Strategy and Problem-Solving Skills with Amalgam:

Players use strategy and planning to fill their cauldrons with an amalgam of ingredients. The player with the most potent potions wins the game!

homeschooling a high schooler with educational games- amalgam

Learn to Build a Lucrative Investment Portfolio with Cash Out!

Practice strategy and prediction to diversify and grow your investments. In Cash Out!, players make investments across four different industry sectors. Teens learn to strategize their funds’ growth and time their liquidations to ‘Cash Out’ and win the game!

homeschooling a high schooler with educational games- Cash Out! Game

Art Thou a Shakespeare Buff?

How well Do You Know Shakespeare? Increase your teen’s knowledge of Shakespeare and his literary works by playing this fun trivia game. 

Homeschooling a High Schooler with educational games- Do You Know Shakespeare?

Explore Geography and Demographics with Global Ranking

In Global Ranking, teens tap into their knowledge of geography and demographics to predict the ranking of 51 countries across 10 different categories.

homeschooling geography game- Global Ranking

Sharpen Vocabulary Sequencing Skills and Planning with Bid-A-Letter

Bid a letter for the timing of your turn and a chance to add to a word chain. As each player adds letters, words change. In this game, teens put their planning and sequencing skills to work! They will have to bid wisely and be the first player to place all their tiles to win the game!

high school educational games- Bid a Letter

Explore the World of Economics with Heard the News

Make investment decisions based on political and industry reports in this economics game. In Heard the News, players strategize like investors to buy and sell shares and grow their profits.

homeschooling curriculum games- Heard the News

Sharpen Algebraic Thinking with Pelican Cove

Think fast to nest your pelicans to their preferences! Whatever you do, don’t let the timer run out! Pelican Cove is a fast-paced strategy game that strengthens algebra, spatial reasoning and quick thinking skills.

strategy games for tabletop gaming , strategy game for teens

Shape up Your Geometry Skills with Shape Whiz

Make geometry fun while players race opponents to find the shape that fits the geometry clue. Everyone must agree the shape is a match or flip the card to check the facts. The first player to run out of shape cards wins!

geometry educational games

Be a Screenwriter and Create an Amazing Storyline with the Reel Script.

Exercise your creativity and imagination to put all the script parts together and create a winning script!

screenplay board game- The Reel Script

Foster Relationship-Building Skills with Qualities

Find out more about yourself and other players! In Qualities, players guess how others will rank various activities, values, and traits. Qualities is a great game for strengthening relationship building skills.

Social games for homeschooling teens

Looking for more Educational Games that support homeschooling a high schooler?

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