Our favorite Ice Breaker Games for Zoom Meetings that will liven up your virtual classroom, company calls, or family gatherings!

Let’s face it, creating virtual engagement can be a bit of a challenge. Adapting in-person interaction doesn’t always translate very well virtually. Zoom classrooms may struggle with students getting a case of the “zoomies” aka- restless energy, while remote teams may feel uninspired jumping from meeting to meeting. So what’s the solution to engage your meeting attendees? Ice Breaker Games for Zoom Meetings

virtual classroom games-ice breakers

Why They Work:

Ice Breaker Games for Zoom meetings can be easily integrated into your curriculum or team meeting agenda to boost excitement and participation. They work wonders for energizing virtual or in-person meetings and help break the ice and create camaraderie. 

We’ve rounded up our Top 3 Icebreaker Games to encourage group participation and help break the ice in your next Zoom meeting!

Take Your Pick & Take Your Pick II

Ice Breaker Games for Zoom Meetings- SimplyFun's Take Your Pick

Get to know each other with the Take Your Pick deck that features 150 “This or That”-style questions. Need more ice breakers? Take Your Pick II is the sequel deck for an extra 150 cards of Q & A fun! Get them both for a total of 300 ice breaker cards!

How to play:

Draw a card and choose a meeting attendee as the subject. Ask them to pick one of the two statements featured on the card, for example: ” Marching Band or Rock Band”. Make sure they keep their answer to themselves! Next, the other Zoom meeting attendees must guess which statement appeals most to their subject. To streamline the game, type your answers into the chat or have players reveal their answers on a sheet of paper. Once all guesses have been given, have your subject reveal their chosen answer. 

You can choose to keep score and offer a prize for the player with the most correct guesses at the end of the game for an added bonus of fun!

  • Afraid of Needles or Afraid of the Dark?
  • Over Think It or Snap Decision?
  • Cupcake or Cookie?
  • Feel the Beat or Listen to the Lyrics?
  • Like to Drive or Like to Ride?

Perfect for 3+ players , ages 8 & up.

*Fun Tip: Load up on ice breaker questions with both Take You Pick and Take Your Pick II. That’s 300 cards!

Family Stories Chat Ring

Ice Breaker Games for Zoom Meetings- SimplyFun's Family Story Chat Ring

Although this Ice Breaker game is designed for families, the Family Stories Chat Ring adapts perfectly to any social setting where creating group participation is the goal. Ninety-eight ice breaker questions are featured in this game to help your group get to know one another better and have a great laugh.  

*Bonus Feature: You’ll love that some of the best questions for ice breaker games are featured in one nifty little travel keyring!

-What is the most important thing you have learned about life so far?

-Name something that makes you happy?

-What has been the most memorable day this year?

Word Bits

Ice Breaker Games for Zoom Meetings

Although, Word Bits is not a Q & A Ice Breaker game, it’s a fun and zippy game that virtual teams or students can easily enjoy in a group setting.

How to play:

The Zoom meeting coordinator draws a category card from the deck and rolls the amount of dice indicated on the card. Using the category word on the card, players think on their toes to name words using the letters shown on the dice and the category on the card.

For example: If your category card is “clothing” and your dice features a T and S, “shirt, skirt or tees” would be correct answers. To streamline the game, type your answers into a chat or have players reveal their answers on a sheet of paper. 

How to adapt Word Bits for a Zoom Meeting Game: 

The fastest player to find words for the category card earns a point, so make sure to have a scorekeeper! The player with the most points at the end wins the game.

virtual meeting games for remote teams-ice breakers

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I use Ice Breaker games at work?

Whether in-person or virtually, try starting or ending your gathering with a few minutes of Ice-Breaker games or trivia questions. You can even adapt a few questions to be work-related but try to focus on getting to know your attendees. 

How do I use Ice Breaker games for small groups?

Smaller groups work just as well as larger groups, however, a smaller virtual meeting may require playing more rounds of the game but with 98 questions on the Family Chat Ring and 150 cards in Take Your Pick & Take Your Pick II, you’ll have no problem keeping the virtual fun flowing!

How do I use Ice Breaker games in the classroom?

Although the Take Your Pick decks, Family Stories Ring and Word Bits are perfect for all ages, they are kid-friendly. All questions are fun and simple to answer, and the perfect conversation starter. 

How do I use Ice breaker games for remote teams?

Easy! Grab a Family Stories Chat Ring, Take Your Pick card deck or the Word Bits game! If you are playing our Q & A Ice Breakers like Take Your Pick decks or our Family Chat Ring, call on your virtual attendees to answer questions at random. Just make sure to have a list of your attendees and ensure everyone gets their fair share of questions.