Although we are so ready for 2022, let’s give the previous year one last look with SimplyFun’s Award-Winning Games of 2021!  

Ice Tumble

Skills Focus : Spatial Reasoning, Fine Motor Skills

2-4 players, ages 7 & up. Play in as little as 15 minutes

Ice Tumble is a fun strategy stacking game, but did you know it also received a Mensa Recommended Game seal in 2021? Mensa Recommended Games are a selection of educational games chosen by the nation’s most trusted game reviewers on the Mensa Mind Games board. This year, our popular Ice Tumble board game made the recommended list!

Award-Winning Games of 2021- Ice Tumble SimplyFun


Skills Focus : Creativity, Spatial Reasoning

3-6 players, ages 8 & up. Play in as little as 30 minutes.

Award-Winning Games of 2021- Asymbol SimplyFun

Asymbol is our popular social board game that focuses on exploring imagination and creativity as players build 3D forms while opponents try to guess what they are making. In 2021, Asymbol was honored with a whopping FOUR awards!

NAPPA (National Parenting Product Awards) 2021 Winner. 

The National Parenting Product Awards have been reviewing games for 31 years. They are a go-to source for parents and educators seeking the best children’s products available on the market.

“This game challenges the players to use their creative minds to build 3D forms and shapes in hopes that other players can guess what they are making.”

-NAPPA (National Parenting Product Awards)

Creative Child Awards: Creative Play of the Year Award 

Creative Child Magazine’s Awards are tested and approved games submitted by moms, educators, and early education professionals. 

“Your kids will stay busy for hours! Great use of imagination.”

– Creative Child Awards review of Asymbol

Mom’s Choice Awards-Honoring Excellence  

Mom’s Choice Awards is a globally recognized panel of experts that evaluates children’s toys and games and highlights high-caliber family-friendly products. 

Parents’ Picks Award- 2021 Winner

Parents’ Picks Awards is a leading organization that showcases parent-tested and kid-approved toys and games. As a Parents’ Picks Award Winner, Asymbol underwent an approval process receiving high marks in 50 educational gaming criteria! 

Shore Seekers

Skills Focus : Addition, Early Multiplication

2-7 players, ages 7 & up. Play in as little as 30 minutes.

Award-Winning Games of 2021- Shore Seekers SimplyFun

Shore Seekers is an island-themed addition and early multiplication board game where players help turtles migrate while practicing their math skills. This popular elementary math game tops our Award-Winning Games of 2021 list with 4 awards!

NAPPA- National Parenting Products Award Winner 2021

NAPPA is one of the nation’s longest-running awards programs considered a “go-to” source for high-quality family-focused toys and games.

“My daughter has always struggled with math, so this is helpful reminders for addition and multiplication.”

-NAPPA game review of Shore Seekers

Creative Child Awards: Preferred Choice Award

Shore Seekers won a Creative Child Preferred Choice Award in the Strategy Games category. Creative Child is a leading resource of creative toys and games that trustworthy game reviewers approve.

“Parents can play this game with their children for fun and they will learn at the same time.”

– Creative Child Game Review of Shore Seekers

Parents’ Picks Awards- 2021 Award Winner

Parents’ Picks Awards is one of the leading resources for parents seeking parent-tested and kid-approved toys and games. Shoreseekers was awarded a 2021 Winner of Best Elementary School Games.

Brain Toy- Academics’ Choice Award Winner

Shore Seekers won a Brain Toy Award by Academics’ Choice. Academics’ Choice is an educational gaming evaluation organization that helps parents select the best educational toys and games on the market.

“This is a fun family game that kids will enjoy, and not even realize they are practicing their math skills.” – Academics Choice Review of Shore Seekers

Rooby’s ABCs

Skills Focus : Letter Recognition, Alphabet Sequencing

1-4 players, ages 3 & up. Play in as little as 10 minutes.

Award-Winning Games of 2021 - Roobys ABCs SimplyFun

Come fly with Rooby Roo as you learn your ABCs. 

Rooby’s banners teach players both upper and lowercase letters and the alphabet sequence. Rooby’s ABCs is an award-winning early elementary game that received both a PAL Award and PAL Top 10 in 2021!

PAL Award

PAL Award– PAL Awards select toys and games that advance language skills with a speech-language pathologist seal of approval. In 2021, PAL awards Rooby’s ABCs for language development.

PAL Top 10

Rooby’s ABC’s also made the Top 10 PAL Gift Guide list in 2021. The PAL Top 10 list is a trustworthy source of toys and games that earn high marks with children for playability and a Speech-Language Pathologist seal of approval for language development.

Dish ’em Out

Skills Focus : Strategy, Planning

2-5 players, ages 8 & up. Play in as little as 30 minutes.

Award-Winning Games of 2021 - Dish 'em Out SimplyFun

Dish ’em Out is a zippy strategy game with a diner theme that won an Academics Choice Brain Toy Award in 2021. Academics Choice is a panel of qualified academics, teachers, and parents who recognize games that boost cognitive development. Dish ’em Out also received a Creative Child Awards 2021- Game of the Year  for it’s strategy game playability. 

“Your children become chefs and waiters… it’s very entertaining.”

-Creative Child review

Planet Voyagers 

Skills Focus : Astronomy, Strategy

2-5 players, ages 8 & up. Play in as little as 30 minutes.

Planet Voyagers SimplyFun

You may have seen Planet Voyagers on a few 2021 gift guides this year (here and here). However, did you know this fascinating astronomy game was also an Academics’ Choice- Brain Toy Award Winner?

Academics Choice is a panel of qualified academics, teachers, and parents who recognize a selection of toys and games that boost cognitive development.

Hazel’s Helpers

Skills Focus : Fine Motor Skills, Decision Making

2-4 players, ages 4 & up. Play in as little as 15 minutes.

Hazels Helpers SimplyFun

In Hazel’s Helpers, players sharpen their fine motor skills and practice decision-making to help Hazel and her siblings build a beaver lodge. In 2021, the National Parenting Center awarded Hazel’s Helpers with a Seal of Approval. 

The National Parenting Center consists of a panel of child development experts who select products that help parents source the best educational toys and games on the market.

Our Award-Winning Games of 2021 range from early-learning board games to games the whole family can enjoy on game night! The best part? They are just as fun as they are educational, making learning a new subject engaging and interactive.

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