Let’s go on a wild expedition with SavannaScapes. This social science Serengeti board game explores the incredible biodiversity of the Serengeti-Mara. The Serengeti spans 15,444 square miles of free-roaming wildlife in northern Tanzania and southwestern Kenya. On the Serengeti, you will discover that wildlife relies on the ecosystem for survival. A zebra for instance, needs grassland while a monkey needs woodland. Some animals need a combination of these habitats and their resources.

With SavannaScapes, you’ll learn fun facts about the ecosystem of the Serengeti-Mara to support animals and help them thrive. Are you ready to go on a wild exploration? Get ready to research wildlife while creating an ecosystem.

Why SavannaScapes is an essential learning experience:

SavannaScapes is a Serengeti board game that promotes a curiosity for wildlife conservation. Players explore ecology in a way that is simple to grasp yet wildly entertaining too.

Meredith Palmer, PhD from the PBS series “Life at the Waterhole”, was the consulting Ecologist and Conservation Biologist for the game, ensuring SavannaScapes was an accurate representation of life on the Serengeti-Mara.

Ecology Board Game blog post: image of Ecologist Meredith S. Palmer PhD- Life at a waterhole PBS

“I worked with SimplyFun over the course of a year to create a board game experience that immerses the player in the wild and wonderful (emphasis on the “wild”) world of the African savanna.

The goal of SavannaScapes is to teach young learners about the different roles that animals play in their dynamic and ever-changing environment.”

-Meredith S. Palmer, Ph.D.

How to Play SavannaScape, a Serengeti Board Game

Players take turns moving around the play area choosing species tiles and placing them next to others to provide them with their needed habitats, creating an ecosystem. Point tokens are earned each time a player meets the needs of their animals or when an event tile is played.

The game includes a booklet with fun facts about savanna animals for a portable way to learn. During gameplay, encourage players to share a fun fact each time the play a tile.

Event Tiles teach the importance of animals adapting to their environment. Wildfire, drought, short and long rains effect the savanna animals and the ecosystem. To simplify the game, the Event Tiles can be removed.

Be the player with the most points in the final round to win the game! 3-6 players ages seven and up can play SavannaScapes in as little as 30 minutes.

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