It’s raining, it’s pouring, and to your preschooler, being stuck inside can seem sooo boring. We’ve rounded up three Rainy Day Games for Preschoolers to stay entertained while they hop, shuffle, build and play with educational games by SimplyFun. 

Hazel’s Helpers

Rainy Days Games for Preschoolers- Hazels Helpers Board Game

Add a hint of sunshine to indoor play with the Hazel’s Helpers board game. 

Join Hazel and her siblings as they practice their beaver lodge building skills. Players take turns rolling the die to determine their actions and practice decision-making in this strategy game designed for ages 4 and up! Roll the dice, move cattails, shuffle rocks and connect your logs. The first player to use all 10 of their logs to build their lodge wins the game.

Why it’s the perfect rainy day game for preschoolers: 

This strategy game helps to keep restless young minds engaged while they practice their fine motor skills and learn about beavers! 

Skills Focus:  

Fine Motor Skills, Decision Making

Buddy Hop

Rainy Days Games for Preschoolers- Buddy HopBoard Game

Get your little ones up and moving with the Buddy Hop game!

Hippity Hop in this two-in-one interactive game for ages 4 and up. The first game focuses on prompts that help build memory and sequencing skills. While the second game concentrates on building quick visual associations. Get in a bit of cardio with your preschooler while they hop their way into developing their gross motor skills. 

Why it’s the perfect rainy day game for preschoolers: 

The Buddy Hop game helps children stay physically active indoors while they practice their sequencing and memory skills.

Skills Focus:  

Memory, Gross Motor Skills, Sequencing

Pickles’ Slide to Win

Rainy Days Games for Preschoolers- Pickles Slide to Win Board Game
(Photo Credit: The RV Adventure Family)

Dreaming of summer fun? Why not play an indoor carnival game with Pickles’ Slide to Win. Practice eye-hand coordination to slide through the tunnel and land on fun prizes. 

Pickles’ Slide to Win is a building block for teaching preschoolers dexterity and the concept of early physics, through play—all while providing life skills like patience and taking turns. Pickles’ Slide to Win includes 14 animal prize cut-outs  for a rainy day carnival game when your preschooler needs a boost of sunshine!

Why it’s the perfect rainy day game for preschoolers: 

Pickles’ Slide to Win is like a summer carnival game that helps young players practice dexterity and learn early physics concepts. Plus, it’s a 2016 National Parenting Product Awards Winner! 

Skills Focus:  

Eye-Hand Coordination, Taking Turns

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