Game night board games have made a comeback, and for good reason. Whether played virtually or in-person, social board games encourage friends, family, and co-workers to bond over a little friendly competition. The result? Laughter, learning, and an opportunity to get to know each other that much better. 

Social Games for Game Night Fun!

Get ready to POP your favorite kettle corn and unleash the laughs with our SimplyFun Social Board Game Favorites. We promise they’ll be the star of your next virtual or in-person game night!

Ready, Set, Build with Asymbol

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Channel your inner architect as you build 3D forms from fun wooden shapes with Asymbol. Players take turns building 3D objects drawn from a subject card while others attempt to guess what they are making.  The creative builder and correct guesser each score a point per round. Be the player with the most points at the end of the game to be the Asymbol champion!

Why it’s a Game-Night Hit:

Asymbol turns up the fun with building blocks that make guessing or building subjects a challenge.

3-6 players • 30 min

Can You See Eye to Eye?

Ice-cream brands? Things that squeak? Can you see Eye to Eye with your fellow players? The goal of the game is to write down three answers per category card. You’ll score points on popular responses for instance, ice cream flavors. However, you’ll receive a penalty blocks when no one else matches your answer. Eye to Eye is like a game of Family Feud but with Veto cards that help you skip difficult categories . The player with the least amount of penalty blocks sees Eye to Eye and wins the game.

Why it’s a Game-Night Hit:

Eye to Eye is a fun social ice-breaker game that helps you get to know your fellow players. You’ll score points when you see Eye to Eye in this family-friendly game night favorite!

3-6 players • 30 min

Don’t Let The Ice Tumble

Balancing ice blocks can be a slippery task. Ice Tumble is a two-part social game that stacks up the FUN! In phase one, players take turns rolling the die and collecting ice blocks from the pile. The key is to be extra careful not to shift any additional ice blocks, resulting in a penalty. In phase two, players roll the die and carefully stack their blocks on the ice tower. The first player to successfully balance all their ice blocks and place their Fox Pawn on the top of the stack wins the game!

Why it’s a Game-Night Hit:

A variety of rules in this game keeps it interesting, like the variations in difficulty between the ice block shapes. Ice Tumble will keep you on your toes as you take turns adding blocks to the slippery stack.

2-4 players • 15 min

Spell It Out with Word Bits

Think fast! Name a food item that has the letters A & E? You guessed it, CAKE! That’s how we roll when we play Word Bits! In Word Bits, players roll the letter die and race to spell words in a category using those letters. Draw a card to determine your word category & dice count. Then roll the appropriate number of dice to determine the starting letters. Be the first to think of a word using the letters on the die and that fits the category card to score points!

Why it’s a Game-Night Hit:

Word Bits is a fun & fast-paced vocabulary game that will make game night a blast!

2-4 players • 20-30 min

Ready to stack up the fun with a few social games for Game Night?

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