SimplyFun’s Life & Thinking Skills game, Ice Tumble, has earned the prestigious “Recommended by American Mensa” label from Mensa® Mind Games. Ice Tumble helps young learners practice fine motor skills, spatial reasoning, and physics. It is one of just 25 games to receive the ‘Recommended for Play’ endorsement in 2021. American Mensa is an organization for highly intelligent individuals who score in the top 2% on a standardized intelligence test. The organization has more than 145,000 members in roughly 100 countries throughout the world.

Ice Tumble Life & Thinking Skills Game by SimplyFun

How to Play Ice Tumble

First, players need a steady hand to create unique three-dimensional sculptures in this fun, tactile, spatial reasoning, and fine motor skills game. Players add pieces to the structure being careful not to let any fall, and are encouraged to balance stunts while interlocking ice blocks. As a result, Ice Tumble tests physics without linear constraints and helps players practice risk management skills. Have fun placing blocks to make it difficult for opponents but watch out because it all might come tumbling down when it’s your turn! Subsequently, the first player to successfully place all their ice blocks and their fox pawn on the sculpture wins. Ice Tumble is great for 2-4 players ages 7 and up and takes 15 minutes to play. To read more about Ice Tumble and how to play, check out our blog post here.

About Mensa Recommended Games

The “Recommended by American Mensa” label signals that the game is identified by Mensa member judges as one they enjoyed playing and worth recommending to others. The “Recommended by American Mensa” designation was introduced at Mind Games 2013 and has been a part every year since. Each year, 10-15 games are recognized by the judges as “Recommended by American Mensa.”