Not one, not two, but THREE imaginative games from SimplyFun have earned awards from Creative Child Magazine’s Awards Program! These creative games for kids are both wildly fun and subtly educational, something parents will no doubt appreciate. What is it about these games that makes them a winner? Read on to find out!

Our Creative Game Winners

Dish 'em Out is SimplyFun's Mid-Elementary  Life & Thinking Skills game

First up, Dish ’em Out is the 2021 Game of the Year in the Kid’s Strategy Board Games category! Only one product per category can win a ‘Game of the Year’ award, and Dish ‘em Out took home this significant award. This high energy game will satisfy your visual senses and no doubt have you craving pancakes! It’s no wonder this impressive game caught the eye of the discerning judges. Players strategize as they complete order cards as quickly and correctly as possible without losing points. And remember, planning and strategizing takes practice, so play often to build those skills! Dish ’em Out is for 2-5 players ages 8 and older, and takes 30 minutes to play. Hungry for more? Get your fill of Dish ’em Out, here.

A creative robot is assembled in SimplyFun's Life & Thinking Skills game, Asymbol

Next up is Asymbol, and is a 2021 Creative Play of the Year award winner. This game is for kids 8 and older, and focuses on exploring imagination and creativity. Young learners build 3D forms from any number of the 47 wooden shapes included in the game. Firstly, players take turns drawing cards and choosing from one of the two subjects shown. Then, players choose from a variety of unique shapes to assemble things, beings, places, events or activities while challenging others to guess their vision! Both the correct guesser and builder earn points, and the player with the most points at the end of the game wins. Flex those creative muscles and learn more about Asymbol, here.

SimplyFun's new Math and STEM game, Shore Seekers, focusing on addition and early multiplication

Lastly, Shore Seekers, is a 2021 Preferred Choice Award winner! In this new Math & STEM game, players roll one die at a time trying to reach a sum of seven or less. This allows kids to practice risk, decision making and addition. When a player chooses to roll just one die, the number rolled is how many spaces they will move. However, if they choose to roll two or three dice (and the sum remains at seven or less), they multiply that sum by the number of dice rolled to equal the number of spaces to move. Above all, the player whose turtle has laid the most eggs wins! Shore Seekers is for 2-7 players ages 7 and older, and takes 30 minutes to play. Dive deeper and learn more about Shore Seekers, here.

About Creative Child Awards

Creative Child Magazine’s Awards Program is unique in that all products submitted are reviewed by moms, educators, and early education professionals. Each product selected for an award exceeded expectation for nurturing creativity and education in children. Creative Child Awards seals are a distinguishing mark of achievement and desirability.