What is Play it Forward?

Held every February, Play it Forward is a special opportunity for SimplyFun party hosts to donate packs of games to local charities and organizations of their choice as a part of their selling rewards. Finding ways to bring benefits of play to families everywhere lies at the heart of the Play it Forward movement. It is an ongoing symbol of commitment to make a difference in family life and in kids’ skill development everyday.

2021 Play it Forward Results

SimplyFun’s 2021 ‘Play it Forward’ campaign generated a total give of approximately 1,000 games valued at $30,000 to more than 120 non-profit organizations. SimplyFun’s Playologists and their party hosts are responsible for this generous gifting. Each qualifying party held during February generated a package of games that the host could award to a non-profit organization of their choice. Then, through a matching challenge, SimplyFun doubled the amount to reach a donation retail value of $30,000. In addition to the host-selected organizations, part of the donation efforts will go to SimplyFun’s 2021 giving partners. Toys for Tots, My Stuff Bags and this year’s special partner, Martin Luther King Jr. Elementary School will all benefit.

Play it Forward is SimplyFun's annual game donation drive.

Our Motivation

We know that not all families are fortunate enough to embrace something as fundamental as play. That’s why Playologists and hosts worked tirelessly to increase their giving opportunities throughout February. This ensured that as many organizations as possible would benefit. As a result, more than 120 organizations will receive SimplyFun game packs, many of whom might not otherwise get a chance to play these games! The recipients range from elementary school classrooms and church children’s groups to children’s hospitals and underserved youth services groups.

What Our Partners Are Saying

“We’re looking forward to receiving the games,” said Paul Whitehouse at 441 Ministries Beechwood, one of the donation recipients. “Ours is a very marginalized neighborhood and we so appreciate the opportunity to encourage our young neighbors to learn while having fun.”

“Our teachers, families, and scholars are so excited and grateful to be receiving educational and engaging games from SimplyFun to support us all in learning and following the DREAM!” exclaimed Patricia Nesbitt, Principal of Martin Luther King Jr. Elementary School.

A Meaningful Movement

When you join SimplyFun, you join a dynamic community that is helping make a difference in the lives of children. While you’re at it, you’ll earn profit and bonuses. To learn more about becoming a SimplyFun Playologist, click here.