Delight your littlest learners with the gift of play this holiday season. Nothing thrills 3 and 4-year-old kiddos like game time with their favorite grown-ups.

Therefore, we put together a list of five games that are filled with giggles and learning. Games that they’ll want to play over again and again! Let them unwrap endless joy and bonding-time with our special picks.


Learn colors, shapes and counting up to 50 with Digger the dog while you see how many sides you can match. Great for developing spatial reasoning at any age. We’re pretty confident your littlest learners will dig Digger’s Garden Match!

colors, shapes and counting game


Aargh! is a super fun, pirate-themed memory game! So go ahead, go for the gold in this game of treasure matching using your memory skills. But watch out for Squawk the parrot or your precious gold will get taken away. The pirate with the most treasure wins.

memory game for little kids


Why not get your body moving as you hop through two games in one in Buddy Hop. Game one concentrates on building memory and sequencing skills as players try to hop from mat to mat in the correct order; game two concentrates on building quick visual association skills and will have your kiddos running between the cards and the mats in an effort to quickly match them up.

buddy hope game for little kids


Match the color tokens to the color of Huey’s shoes in Color Huey & The Four Seasons. Then, turn the board over and match the tokens to the correct word. The words appear in different circles on each board so that kids will learn the word, not just memorize the placement.

kids color game


In Lily Pond, one of our best-selling games of 2020, players take turns hopping their frog around the pond on the gameboard landing on or jumping through the lily pad letters needed to complete their word cards. The first player to complete all three of their cards and hop back to the center wins.

girl plays spelling game

Looking for even more games your littlest learners will love? Check out our full collection of games for 3 and 4-year-olds in the advanced search on our website. We wish you lots of play and memory-making this holiday season.