The holidays are just around the corner which means a lot of us are going to be traveling. Whether you’re going across town or across the country kids (young and old) need to be entertained, so here are our tips to make your travel more enjoyable.

1. Set Expectations

Explain the trip and expectations ahead of time, especially for first-time travelers. This will also give them the opportunity to ask questions and can help prepare them for typical, and sometimes unpredictable, travel events.

Play travel and geography games such as Eagle Chase and Let’s Drive ahead of time to help them learn about destinations and things they might see along the way.

2. Prepare for delays

Traffic, delayed flights and random acts of nature are out of our control so it’s always good to prepare for the unexpected. 

Look up play areas at airports ahead of time, bring plenty of snacks and games (see below) and talk to your kids ahead of time so they can mentally prepare for possible delays.

3. Pack snacks

Bring a variety of food items to keep hanger at bay. Healthy snacks full of long-lasting energy will serve you best while traveling, but throw in a treat or two to keep things interesting. Make sure to drink plenty of water, especially if you’re traveling by airplane. Recycled air can be very dehydrating.

4. Bring Comfort items

If your child has a favorite stuffed animal, blanket, or item that brings them comfort, make sure to bring it along. And why not treat them to a new friend like Tibbar, Digger, or Pickles. They love to travel!

5. Pack Travel Games

Keep your kids, and your whole family, entertained with travel games.

On those long drives, start a conversation with Let’s Chat, What If? and Tween What If? chat rings. They’re very portable and can help the miles pass more quickly while you bond with your kiddos. 

Smaller books, cards and games are easy and portable. Here are a few of our favorite games that don’t take up much space:

Need to bring a gift? Games are the perfect choice because it’s something you can enjoy together! SimplyFun has games for all ages and abilities. Check them out here:

Wherever you’ll be this holiday season we wish you joy, laughter, and fun!