Hey Fathers, Dads, Pops or as my daughter calls me, “Popi”. Sunday is our day for a little extra attention. Usually, we have packed up the car with family, gear, dogs and headed out for the beach, into San Francisco or out to the countryside.  This year, I’m going for a staycation moment.

Everyone piles in bed for breakfast (which is easy since we have a big bed and only one kid)…check. Walk with the family around the neighborhood searching for beauty, nature and surprises…check. Catch a flick at the local theater…check. Get an ice cream anywhere we can. Take a long nap. Fire up the grill in the back yard. Check, check, check. While we are talking grill, toss some peaches on there. I like to put them on ice cream for my favorite summer dessert.

We will cap the day off with a bonanza of game play. We play games every other Sunday with a couple other families. This week we host. We always play one new game. Our friends will surprise us since it is their turn to introduce the new game.  And, then we’ll crack open a favorite or two from our SimplyFun collection. Kilter is a must since anyone and everyone can play it, and kids have as good a chance at winning as the adults.  And, we always laugh a lot playing it!

Playing games together is the most fun ritual in our lives.  Arguably, it is the most important because in our hectic, over-scheduled lives, playtime is a time we learn, we connect, we laugh, we share life lessons, we make friends, we talk about important things, we talk about unimportant things, and we create memories that will last forever. And, there is something undeniably cool about seeing kids get excited when they learn to play a new game or beat their parents at an old favorite for the first time. For me, games and play in general are the most important ways for children and families to spend time learning, growing and experiencing life together.  So, this year, consider a staycation for Father’s Day with an extra helping of game play and ice cream.