There are fewer things sweeter for kids than the start of summer break. Time to welcome long, warm days filled with laughs and carefree adventures and a reprieve from studies and structure.

But of course, kids shouldn’t just stop learning until the next school year. You can fill your child’s time off with fun-filled educational opportunities. Just take a playcation (no passport required).


5 Incredible Playcation Benefits

A playcation is a vacation built around playing and having fun. It may be something you do as a family a few hours each day, a week long vacation somewhere or a trip to a local museum. There aren’t any real set rules as long as it’s something that helps with your child’s development.

Not sure a playcation is right for your family? Let these benefits showcase just how important it is:

  1. Getting outdoors is great for their health and mental development (just use sunscreen)
  2. Free play encourages improved executive function (various cognitive skills)
  3. Keeps kids’ minds active while they’re out of school
  4. Encourages more family play time, which is great for adults and kids
  5. Enhances creative and logical thinking

Setting Aside The Time

Setting aside the time might not always be easy, but there is always time for a playcation. Sit down with your child and ask what types of things they may want to do over their summer vacation. Maybe they want a trip to the local zoo or to spend a few days at the beach.

Once you have ideas of what they’re interested in, set aside time every week for regular playcations. This is a day or afternoon where it’s just about you and your kids. Even just a few special hours a week makes a major difference.

Fun Playcation Ideas

Not sure where to start with your own playcation? Not a problem. Some of the best playcation ideas include:

  • Anything focused around your child’s favorite hobby, such as local events, conferences, concerts, etc.
  • Having regular board game nights (teaches new skills and refreshes old ones)
  • Visiting local attractions, such as zoos and museums (great opportunities to learn new facts)
  • Exploring local parks (learn about nature, play games, meet other kids, get exercise)
  • Visit hands-on science centers (learn more while having fun)

As a general rule, if it’s something fun that offers any educational benefit, it’s the perfect playcation. Go ahead and plan some things today. Not only will your kids love it, but so will you.

Image: Daiga Ellaby