What does it mean to Play It Forward in February with SimplyFun? By definition, it’s an annual event where each February, Game Party hosts can donate games to non-profit organizations in their communities. But what it truly means to Play It Forward is to know the impact of giving, to hear the stories of those who experience this annual event firsthand.

Playologist Master Jenn Gladu shares her Play It Forward story and how it made a big difference in the lives of many people in her community as well as her own.

“At the beginning of 2017, I was a brand new Playologist with SimplyFun. I was having fun playing all the new games with my family while figuring out which direction my new venture would take me. Then, in late January I learned about the February Play It Forward promotion and for me it was a game changer – pun intended. Play It Forward is all about giving back, by donating game sets earned through Game Parties to non-profit organizations that benefit children and families.

I saw this as an opportunity to reach new customers while giving to local organizations that might not otherwise get a chance to play these games. I knew that the more parties I held, the more organizations would benefit. I held ten parties in February and my hosts were motivated, caring and passionate about their donation at each party. It was empowering for them to choose the organization they felt would benefit the most, and then at the close, to select the specific games to send. Each host proudly sent me their game lists, explaining with care why each game was chosen.

At the end of the month, several groups received game packs. They included elementary school classrooms, a church children’s group, a Head Start Program, preschools, and an Occupational Therapy office. I learned the impact of these donations once I made follow up calls to the receiving organizations and heard real and genuine feedback. Teachers, therapists, paraprofessionals and program directors were sending messages thanking us for donating games and expressing the children’s enthusiasm. Many of the recipients had never heard of SimplyFun and were so thrilled with the quality of the games and how targeted the games were for the skills and ages.

Reflecting on this experience one year later, I see how Play It Forward month not only supported my business in its early stages, but also began a personal journey of laughter and play for my family and my community. This year, I hope to help even more hosts donate to organizations that are important to them.”


About Jenn Gladu

Playologist Master Jenn Gladu is a wife and mom to 3 little girls. In addition to running a successful SimplyFun business, she also teaches communications and social policy classes at her local University within the Occupational Therapy Department. As part of the SimplyFun leadership team, she has a passion for supporting new Builders/Playologists as well as her growing community of customers.