‘Play It Forward’. These are not just idle words at SimplyFun. They are words of action and commitment…words that can make a difference. At SimplyFun we are committed to sharing the joy of learning through play and believe in the undeniable power of shared play to learn, grow and realize our fullest, brightest potential. Our company has been built on the big hearts and caring souls that believe as the United Nations does –  that play is a right of every child regardless of their circumstances. It is important that we do more as a company to fulfill this huge need, so our commitment to Play It Forward is growing. It’s a call to action for us and for our Playologist sales force.

Those of us who have had the privilege of growing up in a play-filled environment understand the contribution play has made to our lives, helping us develop critical thinking skills to make achievement of our goals possible. Many of the soft skills that bring us success in life like communication, collaboration and resiliency have been learned through the safe haven of board game play. Yes, we had our tears and losses, even stomped away from the game table a few times, but in the end, we came back to that game to learn more and to get better at what we were doing. We were fortunate for these experiences that helped develop our skills and shape our lives.

In today’s world many children are simply not able to have play a regular part of learning and family life. Economically disadvantaged families or those impacted by natural disasters may struggle to find the resources to make play a consistent part of their lives. But at what long-term cost? Can nothing be done to provide the positive impact of play into these young lives?

Of course, something can be done. SimplyFun is committed to bringing play to kids and families in need through partnerships with like-minded organizations like Toys for Tots and My Stuffed Bags. Every February, we ask our independent consultants and their party hosts to Play It Forward by partnering with us to contribute to their communities. They choose the organizations in their local communities and SimplyFun donates the games. And we know we can do more as we build Play It Forward into a daily call to action in 2018.

For SimplyFun, Play It Forward is not just donating product; it is a long-term goal to find ways to make play accessible to kids and families everywhere regardless of their circumstances. It is a commitment to make a difference; a difference created through the joy and laughter of shared play.