The Road to a Million is the path we at SimplyFun have embraced as our theme for 2017. Partnering with our field leaders and Playologists, our goal is to bring our message of the importance of play to a million families this year. For us it’s not about selling a million dollars or even a million games…it is about reaching a million families so that we can show how Play can make a difference in their lives.

Many times in life we are measured by the goals we set and we are advised that to reach those goals we must quantify them. But what do you quantify in building a business when dollars and income come out of the equation? I believe that you find a measure that is based totally on the results of what you do.

Getting to this knowledge didn’t come overnight. The seeds were actually planted by the need to motivate Playologists within our field organization not by how much they sell, but by the impact they have in doing the sales activity. Many of the people who join us do not view themselves as sales people and can’t relate to standard measures of business. It’s actually a world they purposefully want nothing to do with. So it is important for them to be able to set their goals and measure their results on a different scale; a scale that documents the impact they make.

Playologist goal setting begins by establishing the number of people they wish to reach in a month with our message of play. Take that number and divide by the average number of guests at their parties to determine how many parties or events in a month the Playologist needs to hold. The effectiveness of their outreach can then be determined by the number of games placed into families they serve. What a simple way to manage the growth of your business by setting new targets each month for the number of families you help in finding a game that is just right for them. This is how a mission-driven company like SimplyFun thinks.

In this, our birthday month, we want to thank our dynamic Playologist sales force and the leaders among that group that have stepped forward to walk this path with us. What they do in communicating the value of play each day is important. The benefit of play is the takeaway message for every guest, customer and contact they make as they build their businesses. Whether that individual buys a game today is less important than helping them think about adding game play back into their family lives. In that way we begin to build a legacy of play that makes a positive impact that lasts far longer than the sale of any single game. As a result, game play once again becomes an integral part of a happy and healthy family life. That’s why all of us at SimplyFun…Playologist Team Leaders and Builders and our own internal team, have committed to reaching a million, together.

By Patty Pearcy, President and CEO, SimplyFun