Summer is the perfect time for a family road trip, but how do you keep the kids entertained while on the way to that special location? Let kids have a great time while on the road with fun activities and games.

While your kids are busy playing, they won’t be asking “Are we there yet?” nearly as often. Plus, the right games might just help them learn something along the way.

Portable Games

There’s always a good time to play a game, whether it’s at home or on the road. Portable games, like one of SimplyFun’s many card games or Chat Rings, are perfect for long road trips. One reason is they’re fun, of course, but another is that they have no boards to take up space or small pieces that can potentially get lost under the seats. Portable games will increase the fun, keep the family engaged and maintain tidiness in the car.

Activity Journal

Activity books are perfect for road trips, but consider going a step further with an activity journal. Not only do these journals include enjoyable activities, but they also offer a place for kids to write something about their day. For kids who aren’t old enough to write yet, ask them to draw a picture or use stickers instead. Older kids may also enjoy taking along an instant print camera for them to take pictures on the road an insert them in their journal as a memory book.

Classic Car Games

Why shouldn’t the adults be entertained too? Keep kids (and adults) entertained by playing some classic car games. These games make everyone think and they’re also educational at teaching vocabulary and alphabet skills, especially for younger children. From 20 Questions to The Alphabet Game, there’s something for everyone to play.


Let kids get creative by taking along a dry erase whiteboard along with colored dry erase markers. Kids can play games like hangman and tic-tac-toe. They can also just draw pictures. If kids want to keep their creations, just snap a picture and let them erase the board and create something new.

Fun Audiobooks

When your little ones get tired, let an audiobook keep them entertained. They’ll be engaged in the story and you can even talk about it later to test their comprehension skills.

Entertaining & Educational Apps

While there should be more activities than mobile devices, installing some age appropriate apps can make the road trip much more enjoyable. It also adds some more variety to other road trip activities.

Trivia Based Games

Older kids will especially like playing trivia games. Put some questions together ahead of time based around your destination. It’s educational and fun for everyone.

Remember, road trips are the adventures of a lifetime, especially when kids stay entertained along the way.