Dreaming Dragon

Focus, planning, patience and a good pencil grip are important skills that kids build in this colorful, eye-catching game that made the top of the list. The challenge of using a pincher tool to carefully remove the lizards off the Dreaming Dragon is fun that kids want to experience over and over again. This is why Dreaming Dragon has become a favorite in many homes.

Winner of the Parent’s Choice Silver Honor Award.


 Walk The Dogs

63 dogs in this game…63! Imagine being a kid and opening a game with over 5 dozen adorable dogs.  It’s no wonder why this is number 2. Kids love the challenge of matching and collecting as many  “man’s best friends” as possible without getting caught by the dog catcher. In the process they’re learning math, like counting, multiplication and predicting. Oh, and just setting the dogs up is half the fun! This award winning game has become a multi-year best seller.


Bee Alert

Be(e) alert! No really, you need to be alert in this award winning game that challenges kids to remember which hive their colorful bee is hiding under. Speaking of the hives, kids love picking them up and sliding them around. They’re pretty much the stars in this game.

“Bee Alert is the most popular game at our house. We have a pretty large game collection, and this has been our favorite ever since we received it. We play it almost daily!” Brittany Clark, Mom, Wife, Busy   Life


Kids build quick thinking and acting skills in this fast paced game. It also only makes sense that this game made the list, because fast = fun.



What’s a great way to teach kids early physics concepts? Competition and the challenge to keep something from falling, of course. This also makes for irresistible, hilarious family fun. And this is what makes Kilter a best seller year after year. It’s also the recipient of the prestigious Oppenheim Best Toy Award.


Share a Berry

Kids love threading the berries onto their strings. While they’re doing this, they’re learning counting and building fine motor skills. Plus, this game integrates concepts of left to right and give and take. That’s a pretty hefty amount of skills for young learners. No wonder this made the top 10 list.



It’s like Scrabble, but with math. Kids get to build equations and practice addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. And it’s more than just game play. Check out what this mom did to help her kids with their math homework:

“When my girls were learning Algebra, it wasn’t quite making sense on paper, so we broke out our Sumology game. Being able to manipulate the tiles and move the numbers around brought it to life and allowed them to totally get it. I love Simply Fun, it’s so dual purpose.”


Math Room

When competition is fierce, kids are more than willing to put their quick thinking math skills into action. That’s what makes this math-focused game a top seller for parents. It’s learning math without realizing you’re learning math.



Digger’s Garden Match

Kids learn colors, shapes and counting up to 50 in this fun matching game. You’re never too old for Digger’s Garden Match because it’s fun for any age. That’s why parents and families have been drawn to this top seller for years.



Corner Center Match

Our top ten list rounds out with another fun color and shape matching game. This one, however, adds the element of a fast pace, which kids love. And, there’s no taking turns in this game.