What helps make you who you are today? The more you think about it, the more you realize that it’s specific memories, traditions and moments in your life that have shaped you into the adult you are now.

There’s a reason why family time is so important. It’s these beautiful, funny and sometimes crazy moments that create lasting memories for the entire family.

What you might not realize right now is how vital those memories are to your children. Something as simple as a weekly family game night could help make your child happier and more confident as an adult.

Create Lasting Connections

Family vacations, holiday traditions and even just helping them with their homework regularly all create lasting connections. By creating family memories early on, you’re creating connections that bind the family together. You’re also showing children how to create their own memories with friends and form lasting friendships and relationships later in life.

Make Children Feel Involved

For a busy adult, playtime might seem boring or too time consuming at first, but make the time. Playing games a few nights a week or making sure everyone sits down and talks during dinner is vital for creating family memories. These memories make children feel involved.

Instead of feeling like a child, they feel like a crucial part of the family. By involving them, you’re helping develop people skills, such as interacting with others, making decisions and communicating their thoughts. According to actress Marilu Henner, memories provide lasting lessons that children and adults take with them into the future.

Develop A Stronger Sense Of Self

Children have one massive advantage over adults, besides nap time and no job – imagination. By creating family memories, you’re empowering their imaginations. Episodic memory has been linked with the ability to imagine one’s future. So when your child starts thinking about what their future holds, the memories you’ve helped them make so far will have a large impact on what they imagine.

These memories create a clear sense of self, both now and in the future. Positive memories help boost confidence, communication skills, imagination and much more.

Start Creating Family Memories

Even the smallest moments, such as baking cookies together or laughing over a board game, create lasting memories for the entire family. Help shape the future by creating memories with your children today. They may not realize the impact right now, but they’ll thank you for the memories and traditions as they get older.

Image: Caleb Jones