Exploring the world in fun ways is a mission in our home. Like all explorers, we require tools. And no, I’m not talking about maps, a compass or a computer. Our tools are games. When we play, we explore, we learn, and we have fun doing it! Here are some of the games in our exploration “tool box.”

  • Isle of Coconuts – In this fun and colorful game, we explore different species of monkeys and how they live together on trees.
  • Ocean Limbo – We are all familiar with traditional limbo, but some of us are too old to go down low! So, we play limbo with the animals of the deep blue sea and try to earn points along the way. My children are animal lovers and Ocean Limbo has intrigued them to study different creatures, including the manta ray and the octopus. I am sure I have learned more from my children about the ocean creatures than any mom needs to know.
  • Dinosaur Challenge -Sometimes, we prefer to explore prehistoric times with Dinosaur Challenge. In this game of critical thinking and decision making, we explore which dinosaurs are most likely to be able to overcome a challenge.
  • Digger’s Garden Match – This is how we explore shapes and colors. We talk about the attributes of the shapes (sides, corners, number in each group) and colors of the hexagonal garden tiles. We explore how to make simple matches and more challenging matches. It is fun to see the brainwaves bursting from my children as we explore ways to make the most of our matches.

How do you explore the world through play with board games at your house? Share your answer in the comments below, then check out even more games to add to your toolbox at simplyfun.com.



Michelle Sorrells has been a SimplyFun Playologist since March 2016. She lives in Little Rock, Arkansas with her husband and two children, Zachary and Loralei. Their favorite pastime adventures are going to the movie theater and taking annual trips to Disney World. The Sorrells are also avid fans of “pajama days” where they stay home and play games, watch TV and rest, all while never getting changed out of our PJs.