Family Summer Vacation

What is it about visiting places as a family that makes them more memorable? Whether it is a day trip to the beach or a week-long trip to an exotic destination, it is often the memories of our time together that enhance the experience. When we feel things together, we feel them more strongly, creating a vivid and long-lasting memory.

I grew up on the Pacific Coast where summer rain was a normal occurrence, but that never stopped my folks. Saturday would roll around and Mom was packing the picnic basket and Dad was loading the car (you know…one of those big 4-door sedans with room for the whole family and half your belongings!).  Off we would go to the beach or the mountains. We didn’t always make it to our destination (our big car liked to overheat on the way up the mountain), and the weather didn’t always cooperate (rainy 45 degree beach days where waves caught little Patty who rode home soaked), but we always took the time to enjoy the moment.

Looking back now, what comes to mind is my time in the car with Mom, Dad, and Grandma. In those days, there was no DVD player in the vehicle or mobile devices to keep us occupied individually. There was only conversation, singing, and the famous road games (I Spy and License Plate) to entertain us together as a family on the drive. How much I learned about my family, their likes, their stories growing up, their hopes for me, I can’t even quantify, but I know it was a lot. I encourage all of you as you plan your summer vacations to turn off the electronics and get your family focused on sharing the moment, because it is those moments that have the most impact and are the things that truly last a lifetime.

Happy Traveling!