Happy kids holding flask in biology class.

STEAM students learn to solve problems, they just might change the world

An interesting related concept to STEM is called STEAM. STEAM incorporates art/design as part of STEM skills. With the addition of art/design, children are better equipped to solve today’s problems because they are able to tap into 5 interdependent and well-rounded skills sets- science, technology, engineering, art/design, and mathematics. With an emphasis on project based learning, STEAM enthusiasts try to fix problems, applying STEM skills and art/design to create solutions.

The value of STEM and STEAM skills is increasing. STEM based careers are projected to grow by more than 9 million between 2012 and 2022. Read more about how STEAM helps children become innovators and removes the artificial line between art and science by clicking the links below.

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For additional information on STEAM take a look at stemtosteam.org