At SimplyFun, we believe that children deserve an opportunity for success in the world.  We also believe that play, and in particular board game play, can help kids learn and practice the skills that will help them navigate the challenges they face in adulthood.

Stop for a minute and think about what happens when you play a game. Likely you see both math and language skill being used, which is great!  But look a bit deeper and you will see kids practice skills like focus and self-control, good decision making, working towards a goal, building healthy social relationships and developing physical competence. Basically the skills we use at the game table are just ‘table size’ versions of the skills we need to achieve a successful life.

The future is in the hands of those who follow behind us, those youngest members that we care for today.  They will be faced with solving many of the growing problems in our world which will take creativity, collaboration, communication and critical thinking skills to address… all of which they can learn through game play.

Our mission at SimplyFun is to create smarter kids and stronger families through the amazing power of play.  It is a mission we take seriously as you can see from the rigor in which we develop skills within the context of each game. We intentionally pay attention to things like length of game play, repetitive play value and expanding play across age groups in order to remove some common barriers to getting the family around the game table. And as an added benefit, we make it FUN!

The members of our SimplyFun family know that play is an integral part of how we learn, and in many ways the method that we learn from best. We appreciate the support of our customers, Playologists and PlaySavers as we grow and for sharing with others through social media, blogs, product reviews and emails what our products contribute to family life and a child’s success.

The benefits of play are amazing and we hope you too take a moment to add play back into your family life and share with us what happens!